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PageFour Help - Shortcuts

A word processor is a writing tool, which means you will spend almost all of your time using the software typing on the keyboard. Anything that interrupts your keyboard activity, such as being forced to use a mouse to access a menu for some basic piece of functionality is a distraction.

This is what shortcuts are for. Everything you can do with a mouse you should be able to do with a keyboard, and commonly used functionality should be much faster when using keyboard shortcuts.

In this Section

Word Processing Shortcuts

Ctrl+X Cut text
Ctrl+C Copy text
Ctrl+V Paste text
Ctrl+Z Undo Change
Ctrl+Y Redo previous undo
Ctrl+A Select all text in the page

Delete selected text

Ctrl+B Bold text
Ctrl+I Italic text
Ctrl+U Underline text
Ctrl+K Strikeout text
Ctrl+L Left justify text
Ctrl+E Center text
Ctrl+R Right justify text
Ctrl+J Jump to notebook of current page
Ctrl+Tab Indent
Shift+Tab Unindent
Shift+Ctrl+U Superscript
Ctrl+D Inserts the current date
Shift+Ctrl+F Opens the font dialog
Shift+Ctrl+P Opens the paragraph options dialog
Shift+Ctrl+> Increase text size
Shift+Ctrl+< Decrease text size
Shift+Ctrl+W Word count
Ctrl+Alt+Right Move to next open page
Ctrl+Alt+Left Move to previous open page
Ctrl+Alt+O All On / All Off
Shift+Ctrl+' Smart Quotes on or off
Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2... Inserts user defined values specified in the Quick-Insert dialog
Shift+Ctrl+1 Default colour (black)
Shift+Ctrl+2 Grey colour
Shift+Ctrl+3 Red colour
Shift+Ctrl+4 Green colour
Shift+Ctrl+5 Blue colour
Shift+Ctrl+6 Maroon colour
Shift+Ctrl+7 Teal colour
Shift+Ctrl+8 Light blue colour

Pages Shortcuts

F2 Rename page, folder or notebook
F6 Thesaurus
F7 Spell check page
F8 Live Spelling On or Off
F12 Take snapshot of page
Ctrl+P Print page
Ctrl+S Save pages
Ctrl+W Close page
Ctrl+Q Close all other pages
Ctrl+J Jump to notebook of current page
Ctrl+F Find text
F3 Find next
Ctrl+H Replace text

Notebook Shortcuts

Ctrl+N Add new page
Ctrl+T Add new folder
Ctrl+S Save all pages
Ctrl+C Copy selected chapters and pages
Ctrl+X Cut selected folders and pages
Ctrl+V Paste copied or cut folders and pages
Ctrl+Z Deselect all cut or copied folders and pages
Ctrl+G Find folder or page
Ctrl+J Jump to Notebooks List or word processor
Enter Open folder, page, or notebook
Del Delete selected folders, pages, or notebooks
F9 Switch Notebooks pane on
F10 Switch Snapshot list on
F11 Switch Notebooks and Snapshot list off
F4 Lock Notebook
F5 Unlock Notebook
Alt+F4 Close PageFour