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PageFour Help - Customisation

So, you have a question. Read on and hopefully you will find the answer here. If not, check out the comprehensive Online Help.

Can I import Word DOCX files?
Yes, but only if you have a version of Word installed on your PC that is able to read the new Word format. PageFour uses Word to perform the conversion of Word documents to RTF files. Versions of Word prior to 2007 would need to be upgraded to enable them to open these files.

How do Snapshot Copies work?
Snapshot Copies can be taken of the page you are working on at any time by simply pressing the Snapshot button. This makes a complete copy of your current page.

The Snapshots list displays every Snapshot you have taken over the past 20 days. From the list, you can open a Snapshot to read, or roll back. Rolling back replaces the current version of the page with the Snapshot Copy, but before doing so makes another Snapshot Copy of the page. This means that you can easily undo the roll back later.

I want to roll back to an archive of my latest novel. Is it safe?
Yes, completely! Before a roll back is made from the archive, even if it is just a single page, another full archive is made automatically. When you decide to roll back, you will be given the further option of not overwriting existing pages. Selecting this option will cause the rolled back page to be extracted from the archive and inserted into your Notebook with a slightly different name. For example "Chapter 1" and "Chapter 1 ARCHIVE." You can then compare the two and decide whether to delete one. You never need to worry about losing pages.

I've just printed a page and it looks different to the page I created.
You have probably assigned a default Print Template. If you mark a template as the default, all pages will be printed using these settings unless you specify otherwise. Simply go to the Notebook Print menu, select Set Default Template, and uncheck whichever template you had set up as the default.

My work is stored in hundreds of Word documents. Can I still use PageFour?
Yes! The PageFour Document Importer will import all your Word documents, rich text documents, and plain text files. The import process will maintain all folder structures that already exist and will not harm your original documents in any way. The process involves selecting the location of your documents and pressing one button.

I do not recognize any of the pages in my Notebooks.
Are you logged on to you PC under you own name? PageFour Notebooks are unique to each user, which means another person logging on to you computer will not see your work if they open PageFour. Log off and log in again under your own name.

Is there a word count?
Yes. On the Tools menu, select Word Count. If you would like to see a word count button on the toolbar, open the Options dialog from the Tools menu and move the word count button to Current Buttons.

My Notebooks seem to have disappeared. Where are they?
You probably just switched off the Notebooks list the last time you used PageFour. Go to the View menu and select Notebooks. Hiding the Notebooks list is a useful method of freeing up space for the word processor.

The spell checker is highlighting words as mis-spelled when they are not.
You may have switched on an incorrect spelling dictionary. By default PageFour assigns an English dictionary. PageFour users in the US will be running an American version, whereas users in the UK will be running the English version. Go to the Spelling menu, select Options, and ensure that the correct dictionary is selected.

I'm still living in the 1990's and use Windows 98. Is this a problem?
No, PageFour works with all Windows operating Systems from 98 onwards.