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PageFour Dictionaries

The PageFour installation includes English language dictionaries for the UK, USA, and Australia. These dictionaries are used by the spell checker before it highlights words as misspelled.

As not all PageFour users write in English, a series of non-English language dictionaries are now available for download. Installing these dictionaries is a simple process, and involves following the steps outlined below:

  1. Close PageFour.
  2. Click on the dictionary of your choice to download. The file is ZIPPED to reduce its size.
  3. Extract or copy the file from the ZIPPED file to the PageFour installation folder. This will usually be 'C:\Program Files\IMBT\PageFour\'. When opening this folder, a British, American, and Australian file should already be present.
  4. Note: It is the CONTENTS of the ZIP file that should be placed into this folder, not the ZIP file itself.
  5. Re-open PageFour, and open the Options dialog from the Spelling menu.
  6. The list of available dictionaries is located at the bottom of this dialog. Simply check those you wish to enable.
  7. Use F8 or the Spelling menu to run the spell checker.

There is no limit to the number of dictionaries that can be installed. Simply switch off any you do not wish to use.